Collection: Cinco Show - Artwork

1Culture welcomes you to experience a survey of Latinx culture in a contemporary time. We have reached out to artists from San Jose, Oakland, Portland, LA, and more, to demonstrate a variety of subject matter that interprets their experience while playfully embracing and modernizing traditional iconography and cultural semiotic fields. The narratives of these artists speak on cultural surrealism, Chicanx and Mexican-Indigenous heritage, to the topic of commodities and consumptions in our day-to-day. We hope to convey the celebration of color, culture, and identity through our curation.
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  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • Somos mas de 43
  • Blue Demon Laloc (PRINT)
  • Del Monte
  • Candy Coated Nibbler
  • Peace Love & Happiness Janky
  • CCreamsicle
  • Peace Love & Happiness Guy
  • Pink Check
  • Toxico
  • Green Gracie (Charra)
  • White Gracie (Charra)
  • Red Gracie (Charra)
  • Nuestro Escudo
  • Tonantzin | Virgin
  • Balam | Jaguar