THE Culture

"Live a Curated Lifestyle"
ART & Real Estate came together in March 2015. 
Andrew S. Espino decided to list his 1st Real Estate Investment. 
377-383 East Reed St. multi-family located in downtown San Jose, CA This property had special meaning to him for different reasons. 
1st: His family has lived in both downtown and the east side of San Jose and watched its growth for the last 80 Years 

2nd: This property was his initial leap into Real Estate Investment which launched his Real Estate Career.
3rd: This 1904 Victorian is located in the heart of Downtown San Jose, SOFA District which the hub for Art in All Forms.

Artist Scape Martinez raised in San Jose, CA.
He has written two books titles Graff: The Art and Technique of Graffiti and Graff 2: Next Level of Graffiti Techniques.
He is highly Active in non-profit organization, providing workshops for underprivileged youths to show an alternative expression through the arts. 
His work can be seen at Stanford School of Law, to China and UK

Together they collaborated on what San Jose, CA means to them and should continue striving for...
which can be expressed in Only, One word CULTURE.
This piece is dedicated to San Jose may it continue to expand, diversify, and innovate but please Don't Lose it's CULTURE.