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En Mis Sueños

En Mis Sueños

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2Hermano | Sacramento

24” x 30” | Acrylic on wood

2hermano is a Chicano artist who creates murals, paintings, and other works of art that negotiates a balance between the spiritual world and the physical one, drawing inspiration from pre-Hispanic concepts and other indigenous/spiritual traditions of his Raramuri (Tarahumara) lineage.  His work leaves traces of primitive memory which bridges yesterday with today, joining the recent with the past.

2hermano's work focuses on our desires for beauty and seduction. However, his works have always been grounded in healing and aesthetics. His creations are a labyrinth of shapes and colors that reflect our unity with the cosmos. The imagery awakens dormant memories through its subliminal context and asks the viewer to remember serenity, love, joy and wonder. His work integrates many styles and synthesizes them into an artistic expression that comes from the deepest sentiments of America’s origins. Often insinuating indigenous culture, his work explores the untold relationships between hermetic wisdom and the erased history of indigenous culture.

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