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The Foundation

The Foundation

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Interdisciplinary Artist: Randy Ramirez

$50/ per rock Numbered and signed by Artist 
Narrative: To gain success, you must have a strong foundation. This piece is a representation of what I believe a “Strong County” needs to be successful. I used a lot of symbolism in my piece, “The Foundation”, to get viewers to think deeply about the meaningful message and conversations manifested in the minds of each viewer. Throughout history the wheel barrel has been a symbol of hard work and used by individuals who were determined to succeed. The Blue wheel barrel represents the blue-collar workers that laid the foundation of our county. The color blue represents sacrifice, trust, freedom and inspiration. The red rocks represent the blood our community has relinquished in building our county. The red color is also a symbol of courage, love, passion, and desire. The Huelga or Welga bird pays respect to San Jose resident, Cesar Chavez, a labor leader, and civil rights activist who co-founded the National Farmer Workers Association. It was in San Jose on Alum Rock and Scharff Ave. where Cesar Chavez began his work as a civil rights leader which contributed to the growth of our county and the Hispanic people. When you combine all these elements together you form a strong grounded community.

Artist Bio: Being a graffiti artist at heart, over the years I have evolved into an interdisciplinary artist. My intention is to work in a variety of mediums because it allows me to use what I feel is needed to get my point across clearly. Working freely permits me to create conflict to get everyone’s attention and bring about deep meaningful conversations. I like to show the viewer a passage without obstruction to create an experience to get them thinking. Constructing artistic objects gives me a voice that can be heard and felt by the viewer. I choose to make works that are vibrant, erotic, abstract, conflicting, enticing, and entertaining.

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