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La Tiendita-La Flor De Jalisco

La Tiendita-La Flor De Jalisco

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Artist: Armando Franco
Size: 11x14 (w/out frame), 19x23 (w/frame)
Medium: Mixed Media (Color Pencil, Ball-Point Pen, Paint Markers)
This piece is in homage to every 'tiendita' in Santa Clara County where you bought your first bag of hot cheetos, your first paleta, your first Arizona Iced-Tea, your first 40oz, your first box of condoms, your first swisher, etc!

Growing up in Gilroy, I would attend an after-school youth center/program called MACSA (unfortunately it no longer exists). When they would close, my mom would pick me up and I would always ask if she could buy me a bag of hot cheetos at La Flor De Jalisco (@laflordejalisco408) for only 99 cents. Yes, I am that old lol! Even if she didn't have any money, she would help me find loose change in the car just so I can get my hot cheeto fix; she's the real MVP! Today, La Flor De Jalisco still stands even after we went through a global pandemic and I would say that it is thriving especially now that they added a taqueria! This piece is a part of a series of mixed media drawings highlighting popular businesses and locally recognized buildings in Gilroy, CA.

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