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Life is Beautiful ( 3 Pieces)

Life is Beautiful ( 3 Pieces)

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Dime | Oakland

16" x 16" | Acrylic on Canvas

Leslie D. Lopez, affectionately known as "DIME," a visionary artist, Graffiti writer, hailing from the vibrant streets of East Oakland, CA. has become renowned for her funky graffiti letters and distinctive hand styles that pulse with the beat of her community's culture.

Passionate about creating stunning public art in her beloved barrio, DIME fervently believes in the power of community collaboration and the transformative potential of art. As a proud founding member of Few and Far Women, DIME drives female empowerment and inclusivity within the art world.

DIME's dedication to her craft is matched only by her unwavering commitment to serving the people. As a member of BSK Bomb Squad Kingz, and a vital part of the collective core of EastSide Arts Alliance, she has cultivated her deep love for community and her unshakable conviction that art has the power to create meaningful change in the world.


**Note: Artwork will be available for pick up on June 12th and will be shipped on June 14th

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