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Peace Be Unto You

Peace Be Unto You

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Artist: Modupe Odusote

Acrylic and ink on canvas

 Modupe is an America-based Nigerian Artist, born and raised in Lagos, of the Yoruba ethnic tribe. Her works are influenced by her life experiences in Nigeria, the United States, and South Africa. Modupe is a self-taught figurative artist, and her expressions are contemporary paintings on canvas, using acrylics, ink, print, and fabric. Her techniques are multi-dimensional, with her favorite techniques leveraging painting knives, brushes, and her fingertips. 

Modupe uses bold images and colors, a heavy influence from her African heritage and her Yoruba culture which tends to be vibrant. As an artist, she aims for her works to speak authenticity, provide reflection and provoke thought and empathy for oneself and the brokenness of humanity. 

“My cultural affiliations and influences are multi-dimensional as a Yoruba woman, an African, a black female artist and a corporate professional in human sciences, an LQBTQ ally and as a mother of two young kids. My favorite subjects are people. I like to document relationships, joy, pain, vulnerability, hope, love and resilience. I also express the struggle of self-identify and I intentionally work to show representation in my images, in order to create appreciation for our differences. I am satisfied with a creative piece when I feel it’s raw emotion and that the message conveyed includes reflection, honesty and an appreciation of human connection. Through my works, I hope to inspire self-love or an understanding for others".

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