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Raices Reimagined

Raices Reimagined

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Ricardo Cortez (aka TijuanaRick) is a Chicano digital media artist exploring the intersections of technology, sculpture, and culture. Through these mediums, he reimagines his Chicanismo, suggesting a new approach to studying our active relationships with technology and longing for nostalgia. He continues to exhibit, teach and produce culturally significant work that encourages interaction – inviting the audience to become an integral part of the art.

Ricardo works as a Marketing Director at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship of Santa Clara University and is actively cataloging a digital archive of rare Lowrider print material, and remains dedicated to his pursuit of service to the community. Ricardo Cortez was named one of six 2022 Creative Ambassadors by the City of San Jose.

Artwork Statement:

This art installation stands as a testament to the profound interplay between our past, our land, and our identity. It honors our lineage of those who cultivated the very land that sustains us.

"Raices Reimagined," intertwines the cherished nostalgia of personal family photos taken around the County with commercial agriculture videos of Santa Clara County during the 1940s.

I encourage you to embrace our roots and celebrate the profound interdependence of our shared journey amidst the agricultural splendor of Santa Clara County's yesteryears.
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