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Raised in San Jose

Raised in San Jose

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Francisco Ramirez | San Jose

30" x 60" | Acrylic on Canvas

"This painting is a nostalgic piece. I want to trigger a feeling of pride and nostalgia in the San Jose native, A warm and comfortable feeling. Un suspiro." 

I paint for myself, and to uplift my community. I don't like to say that I immigrated from Mexico City to San Jose California because it wasn't my idea in the first place. I also didn't think that 36 years later I would sprout my artistic roots in Ohlone land and proudly call this expensive place my home. Though I lack a formal education in the arts due to my financial situation and life's personal difficulties I've trained myself to be resourceful. I like to capture my thoughts and feelings with color and composition. If I was to describe my work I would say they are painted journals. My years of being an artist have shown me that being authentic will help in walking on this earth in a peaceful way but also be accepting of change. I feel one of my greatest challenges is professional development. I am seeking opportunities to write and communicate better in order to grow.

**Note: Artwork will be available for pick up on June 12th and will be shipped on June 14th

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