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Santa Clara Seal

Santa Clara Seal

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 Artist: Mario Dimas

Size: 11x14in

Medium: Acrylic on canvas 


This painting was inspired by the Santa Clara County seal. My main focus was the bridge with a river underneath from  the original seal design , it symbolizes the span of the county’s history from an agricultural land known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight to a place of innovation and high technology. At the bottom I incorporated a fist with a California map outline with a star inside where the county is located representing the unity,resilience, and strength of the Santa Clara County residents thru the difficult challenges in recent years. The hummingbird in the center is a figure for the native Ohlone people, this bird is an important part of their culture and story of creation, it also represents the fertile land and it’s roots. The sun is colorful for the name Santa Clara  that means “bright” or “clear” for its sunny climate, and natural resources. The apricots,  California poppies, corn, and cactus symbolize the farm land crossing over to a more technological  bright future. Overall I was fascinated by the meaning behind the seal and was inspired to include its message to represent the strength of the Santa Clara communities from the past to the present. 

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