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The Beauty of Future World

The Beauty of Future World

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Artist: Kalani Ware

Size: 36" x 48"

Details: Acrylic and aerosol on canvas

“I was inspired to create this piece after doing research for a project I was designing that focused primarily on AfroFuturism. I really loved this pose by @rachelwolfepack and wanted to incorporate it. On a distant planet, she poses amongst blue shape-shifting plants, in the distance you can see a futuristic city with ancient pyramids. The environment is a lush desert, a tropical oasis with a futuristic city full of advanced technology. The lines around her body can be compared to someone’s Aura, it’s your connection to the planet, your own unique energy that harnesses your power, protecting you from the elements. I always loved science fiction movies and have been constantly curious about other life in the universe. Beautiful black ppl living free with timeless power in another universe just makes me want to smile.“

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