The Gremlins

The Gremlins

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Artist: Don Pato

Medium: Color Pencils on Wood
Size: 11 x 14 
Desc: A Halloween favorite, inspired by a scene from the movie Gremlins

Bio: Starting off his artistic career in Querétaro, Mexico, Pato’s hunger for creating has taken him all across California, spending time refining his craft in SoCal and now residing in the Bay Area. Since childhood, Pato has always found ways to express himself through several different mediums: from pencils and charcoal to oil and tattoos, picking up new skills along his journey. Today, he is a uniquely skilled tattoo artist at Xibalba Ink, where he is surrounded by his growing collection of artwork inspired by his youth in Mexico and SoCal - and his production has not stopped, now passing down the artistic torch to his daughter, Emma.

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