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Blue Laces

Blue Laces

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Artist: Mister Sampson

Size: 24" x 30"

Details: Acrylic on canvas

This piece is a throwback to the now deceased but still influential, Nipsey Hussle song, "Blue Laces":  

[Partial Lyrics]:

Been so many places, seen so many thingsNi**as swim against me tryna chase that creamThis ain't livin', this ain't livin', noYou're thinkin' you gettin' paidHustlin' every time, my homies passin' away, noThis ain't livin', this ain't livin', no(Hussle ni**a)
Look, what happened to the code, streets all in shamblesNi**as powderin' they nose, ashamed of what we stand forThey think we on some kill another ni**a shitWe really on some stay down and diligentThe streets is cold, turn innocence to militantsYoung niggas gangbangin' for the thrill of itPops was gone, moms was never homeBut the streets was right there so they took you as they own
Blue Laces, shell cases, we catch bodies, we don't leave no tracesBig faces, suitcases, if you ain't know hoe, we gettin' paid bi**h.
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