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Consejos para morirse tranquilo: Part 2

Consejos para morirse tranquilo: Part 2

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Pancho Pescador | Chile 

22" x 30" | Acrylic on crescent paper

These pieces are part of a series I'm working on currently called "Consejos Para Morirse Tranquilo" where I'm exploring the relationships among all living things, and in a magical and poetic way in the spirit of latin american "magic realism", creating new surreal worlds where the narrative is close to a visionary journey through human consciousness and the search of the meaning of life. Also, the elements of iconography are deeply rooted in the Americas as a complex, diverse, and hybrid universe of cultures and traditions. 

(2 of 4 Consejos Para Morirse Tranquilo)

**Note: Artwork will be available for pick up on June 12th and will be shipped on June 14th

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