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Blue Demon Laloc

Blue Demon Laloc

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K12 | Carlos Ortiz

Color Pencil on wood

Carlos Ortiz known as (K12) has been into art ever since he was a child and studied art in his early teen years while living in Mexico. His family immigrated to the U.S. in the early 2000s, which then caused him to stop making art due to this big milestone in his life. While in the States he was introduced to graffiti which he learned and practiced until this day, before he knew it, he was then introduced to airbrushing. Finally, after a few years, he got introduced to body art (Tattooing). Carlos put a pause on graffiti and airbrushing so he could then focus on tattooing to make a living. Now he’s doing the mediums that he learned and always trying new techniques and exploring new mediums, K12 is always pushing his limits to become a better artist.

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