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More Bounce

More Bounce

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 Artist: Augie WK

Size: 24” x 36”
Medium: Spray paint on canvas

Bio: Augie WK uses spray paint to create art honoring his Chicano culture. Augie’s art is a nod towards religious artwork, specifically stained glass art. His art is also rooted in graffiti art, resulting in the distinct style of mural art he is trying to spread throughout the world. Augie calls it “Graffiti art having a conversation with religious art.”

Narrative: This piece is praising the flamboyant lowriders that Chicano culture is known for, showing an Impala “hitting the switches.” Augie likes to challenge himself to perform “stunts.” In this instance, the stunt is patiently using spray to “carve” out this vehicle until it looks clean, and undeniably, like a lowrider.

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