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Youthful Warrior

Youthful Warrior

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Artist : Derek "Dee" Magee

Sourced media/wood acrylic, and aerosol

The underlying tone of this piece is to raise awareness about the need to protect our children. The depictions of a child soldier in combat are intended to have a symbolic meaning, as they are part of a series that highlights the protection of kids, more specifically in the black community. The black bandana represents how children are utilized in criminal activity such as gang violence and drug violence. The lilies are a symbolic expression of the purity that our children come to this planet with. The butterflies symbolize the resurrection of life through the process of becoming aware and, therefore, rebirth. The background symbolizes the war and conflict on the planet currently. The eagle and portal represent my communion with my ancestors as they lead me in my creation process. The dove is my call for peace. The lotus flower growing from the gun means life grows here, not bullets of death. In my work, I often portray duality, for it is part of a larger spiritual human experience.

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